To say I am obsessed with candles is an understatement! My home has always been full of them, some amazing and some not so good. To me candles and diffusers are an essential luxury and my house would not be a home without them. In the summer of 2016 my dear friend Claire treated me to a Candle Making course for my birthday, it was like a light bulb moment, why am I not making my own candles? This was the day Coco & Ginger was born and what followed was months of research and experimentation.

I wanted to create something that I would buy…..not only visually beautiful and luxurious but with superior fragrances that would last. I have chosen a fragrance collection based on emotions and feelings, what came to my mind when smelling and burning the candle. A collection that can relax, stimulate, de-stress or simply reflect.


In order to create a highly fragranced luxury candle I am using a professional grade blended container wax that combines the marketing and clean-burning benefits of a natural vegetable wax, with the stability and scent throw of mineral wax, combined with superior fragrance oils that are produced in the UK and France to IFRA standards. The wicks used for the tins are made from pure long strand spun cotton and paper. Wood wicks are used in the glass containers; these not only burn cleanly and disperse the fragrance excellently but create a cosy atmosphere from their crackle.

I have added diffusers to the collection so you can have a full aroma experience or even layer fragrances that complement each other to create a unique scent.